Quality Construction

slideDSC_03821When it comes to how our furniture is made and the materials we use, we will not compromise.

All of our furniture, from bedroom sets to dining tables, is handmade from solid wood that is either reclaimed or sourced from mills that responsibly harvest the trees. They take the time to saw and dry the lumber correctly to minimize defects. This allows us to create pieces that celebrate the beauty of the wood, including live edged, book matched tables and classic Craftsman office desks.

We use local blacksmiths to custom create quality, metal accents for our furniture, in a long lasting, durable finish. Solid hardware selections are carefully chosen to complement the quality of the furniture.

Our construction techniques have been honed over centuries by the craftsmen before us and have stood the test of time. We use mortise and tenon joinery, dovetails, and pocket holes on all of our furniture. Additionally, our designs take the natural movement of the wood into account, to ensure long term beauty and durability. We aim to create heirloom quality furniture for all of our customers, whether in residential, office or commercial settings.