environmental policy

We follow simple principles that are good for business, good for the environment, and just good sense.

Build for a Lifetime: We are not a car or electronic company that plans to feature a new model each year. Our furniture and designs are built to last a lifetime. This means that Denali Woodworks furniture will not end up in a landfill. It will last at least as long as it takes a new tree to grow.

Responsibly Forested: All of our hardwoods are harvested responsibly. That means that the sawmills are not clear cutting forests, but rather using sustainable practices to replant the trees that are selectively cut down. We only use exotic woods from certified sustainable sources as well.

Reduced Travel: Most of our American Hardwoods come from local Minnesota forests. One of our favorite sawmills is only 7 miles from our woodshop and obtains its logs locally.

Reduced Waste: Our manufacturing process creates zero wood scrap for the landfill. We carefully use virtually all the wood in our shop, even the shorts. All sawdust and scrap that cannot be utilized is composted or used as firewood.